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CSHPE 60th Anniversary Reunion Weekend

CSHPE celebrates its 60th anniversary with a series of events during Homecoming Weekend, October 26-29, 2017. Alumni panelists will cover a range of pressing higher education issues, including college debt and affordability, college access interventions, diversity, inclusion, and pathways to student success.

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The scholars of the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (CSHPE) are dedicated to improving higher education generally; accomplishing this with specific expertise in organizational behavior and management, public policy, academic affairs, and student development, assessment, and evaluation.

The center is a learning community characterized by scholarly rigor, strong connections to broader communities of practice, and a passion for contributing to the betterment of society through education.

The center's faculty are committed to the development of scholars and practitioners who will improve the worlds of higher and postsecondary education, as academic leaders, public policy experts, administrators, members of the professoriate, consultants, or training and development professionals.

Students in the center are trained to think analytically and to excel at scholarship and research, and apply creative solutions to educational issues. Students who graduate from the higher education programs are prepared to lead, with mastery of in-depth knowledge and the competencies to manage the evolving higher-education environment.

Together, faculty, students, and scholars make profound differences in postsecondary education with commitment to diversity and leadership of the highest integrity.

The center offers master's and doctor of philosophy degrees in a variety of concentrations. Other options provide for earning dual degrees with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business or the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. Through coursework and other experiences, students are prepared for leadership in shaping the future of higher education through generating and applying knowledge, advancing the role of higher education in supporting the public good, and improving instructional practice.

Master of Arts Programs

Master's degree programs in higher and postsecondary education are structured to provide individuals with a general understanding of higher education as a field of practice and inquiry, while allowing the flexibility for students to probe more deeply into areas of specialized interest. A distinct feature of the CSHPE experience is the interaction among students with different professional backgrounds and diverse career goals. Students are provided with opportunities to work together in master's required courses as well as with doctoral students in cognate and elective courses. As they work together on assignments and discuss issues inside and outside of the classroom, CSHPE master's students come to appreciate and understand the multiple frames of reference that may be brought to bear in higher education decision-making.

Graduates of the program are qualified to participate in a wide range of higher education settings, including: college and university administration, state and national public policy agencies, government offices, higher education systems offices, professional associations, consortia, and regional and coordinating bodies and accrediting agencies. They assume a wide variety of roles and work on key activities such as admissions, advising, administration, and policy analysis.

Doctor of Philosophy Programs

In the higher education doctoral programs, all students are expected and encouraged to think rigorously; understand and appreciate the craft of scholarship and research; demonstrate interest in and a capacity to make a difference in postsecondary education; and be actively committed to diversity. It is the goal of this program to develop leaders for institutions of higher and postsecondary education who will steer institutions effectively, conduct scholarly research, and contribute in a meaningful and distinctive way to the overall development of the profession.

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