Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education Priorities for Continued Leadership and Impact

"A legacy of leaders making a difference" - those words marked the 50th anniversary of the center in 2007, a year-long celebration that culminated in commemorating the retirement of legendary Center leader Marvin W. Peterson with the establishment of a endowment named for Marv.

The Center's 60th anniversary in 2017 will coincide with the university's bicentennial. What leadership legacy will we be commemorating then? How will the Center have made a difference?

In the years since our 50th celebration, we have experienced significant changes affecting the center, with the State of Michigan's continued economic decline and its impact on the university budget and center operations. We feel an even deeper need to connect our research with policy and to influence dialogue at both state and national levels when the role of postsecondary education is even more critical.

Given this context of heightened expectations for research and policy that make a difference; for attracting, retaining and preparing the next generation of higher education leaders in our students; and preserving the caliber of our nationally-recognized faculty, we have established the following funding priorities:

Why your support of CSHPE makes a difference

As higher education leaders, you know that alumni support is a measurement of program reputation and strength. Know that we want more than just your financial resources, however. We are looking for ways to strengthen connections among our impressive alumni body - providing opportunities for networking and continuing education. You continue the legacy of leaders.

CSHPE has retained its leadership role among higher education programs, but our peers have made advances. A focus on private funding has enabled many of them to strengthen their programs. To retain our competitive edge, we must enhance our resources and plan for the future. A gift to our program is not superfluous; it is essential. We are committed to being careful stewards of your gifts and informing you of how they are making a difference.

For more information on CSHPE giving opportunities, please contact CSHPE Director Michael Bastedo at 734.647.1984 or or the School of Education Office of Development, Communication, and Alumni Relations.