One-to-One Technology Initiative

A collaborative effort of the Secondary Master of Arts with Certification program and School of Education Technology Services, the One-to-One Technology Initiative enables preservice teachers to use technology to access, study, and learn from and about the practice of teaching. Preservice teachers involved in the initiative learn to adapt and improve their practice over time through critical study and collegial examination of teaching (their own and others') using records of practice, including video and audio recordings of classroom interactions, images of student work samples, copies of lesson plans, and other classroom artifacts. The initiative also supports preservice teachers use of computing and digital media technologies in their instruction.

The Initiative

Records of Practice

Each Secondary Master of Arts with Certification student has a recording device (capable of capturing video, audio, and stills), a laptop equipped with software to download, edit, and store the recordings, and an external hard drive for storage. Since 2007, students have used this technology to record instances of teaching and collect classroom artifacts in the secondary schools in which they work throughout the fall and winter terms. They have been investigating several domains of teaching through their collection and sharing of these records, including aspects of a positive classroom environment, preparation and planning, instruction, and assessment, as well as a self-selected personal inquiry question.

By sharing and discussing records of practice, students engage in a professional process of adapting and improving their practice through critical, collegial examination of their own and others teaching.


The Secondary Master of Arts with Certification students and faculty receive ongoing training from Technology Services to support their use of One-to-One Initiative technology. The training began with basic orientation to the technology and advanced to support the targeted skills required for particular assignments and tasks. A support system affords ongoing access to a variety of technological assistance. Students can access individual assistance from Tech Services personnel before, during, and after classes, in person or online.

The One-to-One Initiative supports instructors learning about teacher education as well. A study group of School of Education faculty, staff, and graduate students meets twice each month to discuss and set goals for the One-to-One Initiative. Instructors share records of their practice as teacher educators: samples of assignments, video clips of their teaching, and Secondary Master of Arts with Certification students work. The study group discusses next steps for the initiative and the broader pedagogical issues of effectively using technology and records of practice in teacher education.

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