Dual Master's Degrees in Educational Studies and Business Administration Requirements

The program is designed so that all requirements for both degrees are completed in two-and-a-half to three years and both degrees are then awarded simultaneously.


The master of business administration 57 credit-hour degree program, including:

Twenty-one credit hours for the master of arts degree including:

The total credit hours for the dual degree program must be at least 66. The dual program may begin with studies in either school. However, because of the sequenced nature of the core courses in the master of business administration program, most students will find it advantageous to start with year one in the business school. During years two and three, courses may be taken in both schools. Students who wish to begin with education should see a counselor in the business school to arrange an appropriate plan of study. No course work completed prior to admission may be counted toward the master of business administration requirements of the dual program.

This program is not open to students who have earned either the master of business administration or a master's degree in education. Students enrolled in the first year of either program may apply.

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