Internships and Experiential Learning - MA - Educational Leadership and Policy


Internships are opportunities for you to expand and apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the classroom to problems of leadership and policy in professional settings. The internship affords the opportunity to gain experience in your particular area of school leadership or policy while under the guidance and support of an experienced professional working in that area and in interaction with university instructors, staff and resources. It should be the forum from which to gain firsthand experience, as well as the time to critically reflect upon what is being learned in your university coursework.

You will work with your faculty advisor  to identify internship opportunities that match your educational and career goals. In the fall semester, you will review available opportunities and request to interview with sites you are interested in. For students seeking building level certification, the internship will begin in the fall and last for 250 hours, with accompanying seminar meetings in the Fall and winter terms. For non-certification students, it will be 100 hours in the winter semester, along with the seminar meetings.

Examples of recent placements for non-certification students have included:

Examples of recent placements for students pursuing administrator certification have included:

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Other Experiential Learning Opportunities

There are many on campus co-curricular and professional organizations and initiatives focused on educational leadership and policy that may be of interest. Specifically, the organizations below offer frequent, cross-disciplinary opportunities for networking and learning. Some examples include:

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