ELMAC English as a Second Language Endorsement

ELMAC interns may elect to complete the English as a Second Language endorsement courses and fieldwork as an elective strand within their ELMAC elementary K- 8 certification program. Fully approved by the State of Michigan, the ESL Endorsement Program is a 20-credit, seven course and fieldwork sequence, which meets state-established standards. Interns who complete all requirements for K-8 Elementary Certification and the ESL endorsement are considered “highly qualified” to teach ESL to students in grades K-8 in the state of Michigan.

ESL Endorsement Goals

Through completion of ESL endorsement strand and fieldwork we aim to develop teachers who can:

ESL Endorsement Requirements

All interns must meet the following requirements in order to elect the ESL endorsement strand:

ELMAC ESL Course Sequence

Term Courses to take
Fall EDUC 593 - Educational Linguistics (3 credits)
(All ELMAC interns take this course)
EDUC 403 - Literacy Methods II (3 credits)
(All ELMAC interns take this course)
EDUC 490 - Teaching Language, Literacy and Academic Content to Linguistically Diverse Learners (3 credits)
Spring (May-June) EDUC 592 - Teaching Beginning ELLs in K-8 Classrooms (3 credits)
Spring (June-July) EDUC 594 - Education in a Multilingual Society (3 credits)
Summer (June) EDUC 579 - Second Language Learning (3 credits)
Summer (July) EDUC 590 - ESL Practicum and Seminar (3 credits)
Summer (May - July) EDUC 594 - Second Language Assessment (2 credits)

Within This Section

Contact the Coordinator of ESL Endorsement:

Dr. Cathy Reischl
610 E. University Avenue,
Room 1302 D
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259

Email: creischl@umich.edu
Telephone: 734.936.0872

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