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Katherine Valle

As a child, Katherine Valle thought she wanted to grow up and work on the side of law and order, possibly as a prosecutor. However, once enrolled in a bachelors criminology program at University of Florida, she took a job with the Dean of Students Office and discovered that she loved working with and helping students.

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Our master of arts and master of science degrees are designed to be intensive programs for students who wish to gain expertise in a particular area within the education field. We offer master of arts and master of science degrees in educational studies for K-12 teachers and for those who wish to become teachers, for those interested in careers in facilitating educational improvement through leadership and policy, and for those who are pursuing academic or other interests. For those whose interests lie in higher education, we offer the master of arts in higher education.

Master of Arts in Educational Studies

Elementary Teacher Certification

An intensive 12-month program that prepares students for teacher certification in grades K-8 in self-contained, multi-subject classrooms or grades 6-8 in subject-specific classrooms.

Secondary Teacher Certification (SecMAC)

An intensive 12-month program that prepares students for teacher certification in secondary classrooms.

New Media & New Literacies

The goal of this program is to prepare a range of professionals working in school and out-of-school contexts who want to learn how to develop and study of new media and new literacies.

Educational Leadership and Policy

This 30-credit program is designed for students interested in improving schools, instruction, and student outcomes. All students develop capabilities to engage the work of improvement while also gaining understandings of the policy, organizational, and historical dynamics of educational systems. Additional coursework specific to school administration is offered for students interested in acquiring building-level administrator certification in Michigan through this program. (A non-degree option is available for individuals seeking administrator certification who already possess a master’s degree.)

Teaching and Learning

This program focuses on instructional "doing," including learning about classroom practices, the development of classroom materials, and ways in which teaching occurs in classrooms. Students interested in this thread will learn about theory, research, and practice as they relate to the enactment of sound curricular and instructional practices.

Program Evaluation and Improvement Research

The newly redesigned thread gives students the tools to answer questions not just about “what works,” but what works when, for whom, and under what conditions, in order to work in partnership with education systems to create meaningful change. It is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in research organizations, centers, or projects engaged in evaluation research, or as research support staff in formal and informal educational settings where education professionals are engaged in improving policy and practice, including district, county, and state education agencies.

Blended Master of Arts in Educational Studies

The Blended Master of Arts in Educational Studies program combines 12 credits of online courses with 18 credits of campus-based courses. With that, students experience both the convenience of self-paced, online learning and the richness of conventional, campus-based courses.

Urban Pedagogy (For Teach for America Detroit Corps)

This program is limited to Teach for America Detroit corps members and is designed to provide corps members with a theoretical and practical understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning in schools. Students progress through the program in groups. Classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate corps members' work schedules.

Educational Studies and MBA (Dual Degree)

The MA/MBA dual degree program is designed for students who aim to integrate knowledge of education and business in the service of educational improvement and reform in the United States. Students also have the option of pursuing building-level administrator certification in Michigan through this program.

Master of Science in Educational Studies

Post-Secondary Science Education

This program is designed for LSA students who are earning a PhD in a science (Astronomy, Biophysics, Chemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Geological Sciences, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Physics, and The School for Environment and Sustainability), or mathematics and are also interested in science and/or mathematics education.

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Higher Education

This program is designed to provide individuals with a general understanding of higher education as a field of practice and inquiry, while allowing the flexibility for students to probe more deeply into areas of specialized interest.

Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education

This concentration is for those interested in increasing their knowledge and skills regarding diversity and social justice as it relates to higher education, as well as to prepare them for work in areas of higher education where they will address these issues.

Higher Education and Master of Public Policy (Dual Degree)

A dual-degree program with the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy leading to both the master of arts in higher education and a master of public policy degrees.

Higher Education and Master of Business Administration (Dual Degree)

A two and one half to three-year intensive program to provide students with an in-depth examination of both the business administration and higher education arenas.

Higher Education Institutional Research

Students in this concentration develop the conceptual, technical, and practical skills necessary to conduct applied research in or pertaining to postsecondary institutions and system offices.

Higher Education Management and Organizations

This concentration encompasses research, scholarship, and practice involving the structure and dynamics of postsecondary educational organizations. Students in this concentration explore and research the administration, governance, management, leadership, organizational strategy, planning and budgeting, and institutional research and assessment of postsecondary educational organizations.

Higher Education Public Policy

This program is designed for students interested in broad policy issues that affect higher and postsecondary education, such as state governance and coordination, financial aid funding, and affirmative action in admissions and hiring. The challenges that face higher education require that educators not only adapt to change but also engage in developing a vision of higher education for society.

Higher Education Student Access and Success

This concentration focuses on teaching and learning in colleges and universities as they are implemented in many institutional contexts, both inside and outside of traditional classroom settings.

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