Research, Evaluation, and Assessment

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education

Stephen DesJardins

Professor Stephen DesJardins teaches courses on economic and financial issues in postsecondary education as well as advanced regression techniques for educational research.

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Students in the Research, Evaluation, and Assessment concentration develop the conceptual and technical skills necessary to produce the highest quality research on higher and postsecondary education, including applied research related to institutional research, educational and administrative evaluation, program review, and assessment of teaching and learning. In addition to the strengths provided in this concentration and throughout the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, students in this concentration benefit from studying higher education within a environment unparalleled in the depth of its resources related to social science research. The faculty affiliated with this concentration bring a diversity of perspectives connected to the other concentrations within the center (academic affairs, organizational behavior and management, and public policy), offering students a flexible opportunity to develop a productive career around the study of higher and postsecondary education.

Students in this concentration are preparing for a wide range of professional positions related to improving the understanding, planning, management and academic performance of higher education institutions and the systems in which they are organized. These include faculty or research positions within higher education programs or centers, as well as programs and centers focused more generally on social science research. Graduates interested in applied research careers work across the full spectrum of higher education institutions, in federal and state agencies of higher education, and in higher education associations. They work in a wide range of areas, including institutional research, academic and instructional affairs, institutional support and administration, evaluation and assessment, planning, president's and chancellor's offices, student affairs and services, financial affairs and services, and institutional development and alumni affairs.

Students completing the concentration in Research, Evaluation, and Assessment will have a strong capacity to conduct research and provide leadership in the area of research. Students who focus in this area will have the capability to:

Profiles of student and alumni ambassadors who have participated in the higher education programs provide additional information about who fits in a program and what they might do after graduating.

Courses in the concentration are grouped into four categories: 1) those that focus on the concentration of research; 2) those that focus on related research competencies; 3) those that focus on evaluation and assessment at the institutional level; and, 4) those that focus on evaluation and assessment at the state and national level. Students in this concentration are required to take two research concentration courses, and one course from each of the other three perspectives (i.e. research competencies, institutional level courses, and state and national level courses). 

For more on Rackham and CSHPE GPA and grade requirements, as well as the incomplete course resolution policy for doctoral students, see CSHPE Minimum Grade and Incomplete Policy

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