Learning Technologies

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Florencia Gomez Zaccarelli

Because she wanted to learn how technologies could support learning in a more transformative way, Florencia Gomez Zaccarelli chose Learning Technologies as a concentration. Her program also dovetails with her interest in how to prepare teachers to use technology to support learning.

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In what ways is technology changing education? In what ways should it change education? Does technology improve learning? Does technology improve teaching? How can we close the digital divide? Faculty and students in the Learning Technologies concentration are exploring questions like these and developing ways to utilize learning technologies in support of innovative curricula—curricula that make teaching and learning more effective. Examples include:

What does it mean when you become a student in Learning Technologies? It means that you will participate in an innovative program with faculty who are blazing the way in this quickly evolving area of education. If you are a self-motivated learner who learns through engagement with challenging ideas and real-world experiences, then the Learning Technologies concentration may be of interest to you. The program will help prepare you to be an educational leader who understands the role that technology can play in the learning process. Our hands-on programs connect practice and practitioners in every area of inquiry, including the research, design, development, and implementation of powerful technologies that enhance learning.

This concentration is housed within the Educational Studies program, which fosters links among students and faculty in a number of specializations sharing a commitment to the integration of theory and research on teaching, learning, and educational access in P-12 settings.

The concentration in Learning Technologies prepares scholars and researchers to actively harness the power of educational technology. As a student in the program you will develop and refine your own research questions and agendas in concert with others dedicated to the same goal. The program is an intensive project-oriented one where students immerse themselves in real-world research alongside nationally recognized specialists in their field.

A carefully tailored program will prepare you to use the latest knowledge about learning theory, design principles, research methodologies, and evaluation strategies, in educational settings ranging from classrooms to web-based and distributed-learning environments. You will be expected to develop expertise in a specific area of concentration, defined in conjunction with your faculty advisor. Current active concentrations include:

You also have the opportunity to create new concentrations through interdisciplinary connections with faculty from across campus.

After completion of your program in Learning Technologies, you will be prepared for leadership positions in higher education, public and private research, and public policy.

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