Students in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Jeffrey Robert Albrecht Jr.

Jeffrey’s research concerns the use of self-regulatory strategies in promoting targeted cognitive, motivational, and emotional outcomes in adolescent students, particularly students at-risk for drop-out and delinquency. His work focuses on the link between cultural identity and academic value.…Learn more »

Meredith Baker Marcum

Meredith’s research has two major strands: (1) studying the development of students’ sense-making processes in project-based learning, and (2) exploring the ways in which instructional tools, peer collaboration, and pedagogy can support this development. Her work sits at the intersection…Learn more »

Jozet Channey

Interested in human development in the context of schools, families, and communities because she believes a person's success is influenced by each of these and understanding development within them is the key to resolving social issues such as the racial gap in academic achievement. Learn more »

Alexa Ellis

Interested in learning how children learn, and especially how children master concepts, of mathematics and numeracy in early grades. Alexa is also interested to learn more about the factors of development, academic achievement, socio-economic status, family involvement, and school readiness. Learn more »

Alanna Doralyn Epstein

Alanna interested in the role of motivational beliefs, identity, and emotion in learning, as well as the development of career and leisure interests.  Learn more »

Sharlyn Ferguson

Interested in how adolescent students prioritize academic and social goals, and how peer relationships and social environmental factors influence these decisions early on in life Learn more »

Taylor Gaikema

Interested in high achieving first-generation college student programming and awareness. Learn more »

Tremell Goins, Jr.

Interested in ethnic identity as well the impact of out-of-school interventions on the academic achievement of minority students. Learn more »

Paola Guerrero Rosada

Interested in expanding her knowledge in measurement and methods to understand the social processes shaping early development and quality of early childhood education in developing countries. Learn more »

Casta Guillaume

Interested in civic engagement, Immigrant youth development, critical consciousness, and culturally tailored community interventions.  Learn more »

Asya Harrison

Interested in exploring the relationship between different learning approaches and diversity on student motivation and academic success. Asya is also interested in exploring the interaction between race and social class in schools environments and how they influence adolescent identity development and…Learn more »

Yizhen Huang

Interested in gender issues in the classroom as well as the role of school in children s sexuality development, cross cultural research. Learn more »

Amira F. Ibrahim

Interested in the mechanisms of math learning and techniques to enhance mathematics acquisition. Learn more »

Benjamin David Katz

Benjamin is interested in how cognitive interventions can improve processes like working memory and lead to better educational outcomes.  Learn more »

Omari Keeles

Interested in how socially constructed identities are understood in relation to education experiences and outcomes of Black students.  Learn more »

Jessica Kilday

Interested in understanding ways in which the classroom environment impacts students’ motivation, engagement, and academic outcomes. Learn more »

Seanna Cade Leath

Seanna Leath is an advanced graduate student in the Combined Program for Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan, and a research assistant for the University’s Center for the Study of Black Youth in Context. Her research interests center around (1) racial and gender identity development…Learn more »

Aixa Daphne Marchand

Interested in racial socialization in the context of schools, families, and communities and how racial identity may serve as a protective factor and help shape youths’ academic self concept.                             …Learn more »

Rebecca Marks

Interested in the academic outcomes and school experiences of bilingual and bicultural youth, particularly their literacy development. Learn more »

Channing Mathews

Interested in studying mentorship amidst minority students and the efficacy of mentorship during school transitions. Channing is also interested in how peer mentorship affects motivation, thinking, and resilience among adolescent students. Learn more »

Sarah McKellar

Interested in examining how social conditions and interactions are related to adolescent achievement motivation, focusing on school transitions, achievement goals, engagement in STEM subjects, social and identity development, and resiliency. Learn more »

Abby Medina

Interested in the implications of racialization on racial identity, academic outcomes, self-esteem, and psychological well-being among Black immigrants to Canada and the U.S. Learn more »

Michael Medina

Interested in ethnic identity development and its influence on academic outcomes, peer relationships, and psychological well-being. He is particularly interested in these factors in minority youths. Learn more »

Luis Mendez

Interested in exploring the contextual factors that affect the academic outcomes of Latino students. Learn more »

Lillie Moffett

Interested in the development of executive functions in young children, and how these abilities relate to early mathematical and literacy knowledge. Learn more »

Elizabeth (Libby) North

Libby is a doctoral candidate in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology. Her research focuses on the role of peers, social status, and classroom context for early adolescents’ motivation and adjustment at school. She is interested in peer dynamics across the transition to middle school,…Learn more »

Inah Park

Inah is interested in the role of culture in influencing various learning processes, academic performance, and attitudes toward learning. Learn more »

Bernardette Pinetta

Interested in focusing on the academic trajectories of engagement and performance among minority youth, how they show resiliency against racial and gendered micro-aggressions, and how they develop critical consciousness. Learn more »

Benjamin Plummer

Interested in the motivational power of video games and how the principles that make video games so motivating can be implemented in an educational setting to foster student engagement. In addition, he is interested in how digital badges and achievements can be used to foster student motivation and recognize…Learn more »

Nicole Rausch

Interested in motivation and self-regulated learning, as well as specifically understanding what motivates students in school by investigating potential influences from family, peers, and teachers. She seeks to develop a better understanding of development in the context of education and communities,…Learn more »

Sarah Stilwell

Interested in defining effective classroom instruction in order to help pre-service and novice teacher refine their practice. She is also interested in understanding pedagogical linguistics and its implication on academic achievement.   Learn more »

Adrienne Danielle Woods

Interested in how children with disabilities learn, which methods of teaching and classroom management facilitate academic success, and how to implement such educational reform.  Learn more »

Sun Xin

Interested in finding ways to improve students’ learning as well as teachers’ teaching, and cross-cultural studies in education and psychology.   Learn more »

Han Zhang

Interested in cognitive processes that differentiate performances in teaching and learning, and the role of culture in shaping these cognitive processes.   Learn more »

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