Applying to the Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology Combined Program


The deadline for receipt of completed application materials is December 1st for entry the following fall. With an exception for some international applicants, you do not need a master's degree to apply. Applications will be reviewed by the program's Executive Committee. Candidates will be informed of their decision by April 1. Several criteria are used in the selection process: recommendation letters from faculty, Graduate Record Examination scores, undergraduate and graduate grade-point averages, and personal statements of research interests and plans. As a combined program, our application process is distinct from that of the School of Education.

Financial Aid

The program provides financial support for its students from several sources. Types of support include: fellowships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, traineeships, etc. In order to be considered for all awards, make sure all your application materials arrive by December 1st. Please also review the School of Education's financial aid resources and the Rackham lists of additional funding sources.

The Application Process

The graduate application is due on or before December 1st. You must submit your application online through Rackham's website. You will be required to pay the application fee with a credit card. You may apply to multiple programs, but you must submit an application form, application fee, transcripts, recommendations, and statement of purpose for each of the programs. The GRE needs only to be submitted to the Rackham Graduate School to make the scores available to all programs under Rackham.

Paper applications are no longer accepted, except under special circumstances. If you find you are unable to access the Rackham online version of the First-Time Enrollees Application, you may request that the program download a copy of the application and either email, send via the postal service, or fax it to you. Send your request to: Note to international applicants: You will need to provide additional information/forms with your application(s). Please read the Rackham application instructions over carefully. Send fee(s) and application(s) to:

Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies
University of Michigan,
915 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070

Your application will not be processed without the fee payment.

Request three letters of recommendation from professional people who know your ability as a student. When applying online, you will be prompted to register your recommenders. They will be sent an email directing them to the online form where they will submit the letters of recommendation. Recommendation forms may also be downloaded to give/send to your recommenders from Rackham. NOTE: Have all paper forms and letters sent to the Combined Program in Education and Psychology (CPEP) Office.

All applicants must submit transcripts: official undergraduate transcripts and, if applicable, official graduate transcripts. International applicants should send a copy of their diploma/s. Your application will not be processed without transcripts.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required of all applicants. In addition, the TOEFL or other acceptable forms of English proficiency tests (email us for more information), is required for international applicants whose native language is not English. Have the results of your scores sent directly to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The GRE Institution Code is 1839, the GRE Program/Major Field Code is 3403 (Education-Evaluation and Research); the TOEFL is the same except the Department Code is 09 (Soc. Sciences, Psychology-Educational). NOTE: Please send photostatic copies of your GRE and, if applicable, TOEFL scores along with the CPEP application, or as soon as they become available. Official copies from ETS are still required.

Current or returning Rackham students should review Rackham's information for a change of program and review our change of program admissions checklist.

Non-Candidate for Degree Status

Students not seeking a degree may be granted admission to take one or more courses in a field of interest, either for professional reasons or to enhance their academic capabilities. The university offers two types of non-candidate for degree statuses: unclassified and departmental. Unclassified students are usually limited to two courses and the application process is solely through Rackham. Courses taken at this level do not automatically count towards a graduate degree program and the admission is for one term only. The departmental status is for students who may opt to enter a formal degree program in the future and/or for those who want to take more than two classes. The School of Education is involved in accepting or denying applications for departmental non-candidate for degree status. For more information on the unclassified option, review the Rackham unclassified students, non-candidate for degree application, and our unclassified non-candidate for degree admissions checklist. For more information on the departmental option, download our departmental non-candidate for degree admissions checklist.

If you have questions, please review the School of Education frequently asked questions or contact the program.

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