Students in the Joint Program in English and Education

Shelly Alilunas

Ann Carroll Burke

After graduating from Aquinas College and then teaching middle school English, Ann Burke earned her M.A. in English, with a concentration in rhetoric and composition, at Ball State University. Ann is currently a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education at University of Michigan,…Learn more »

Merideth Marie Garcia

Merideth Garcia's research interests include the integration of multimodal and multimedia composition in high school curriculum and extracurricular participation and remix practices in online fan communities. Merideth is a field instructor in the School of Education for the Undergraduate…Learn more »

Gail R. Gibson

Gail Gibson is a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Program in English and Education and teaches academic and professional writing courses in U-M's English Department Writing Program. Her research interests focus on adult literacy and college remediation programs, and her dissertation, currently in…Learn more »

Timothy Patrick Green

Tim Green is working on his dissertation, which focuses on early modern English rhetorical manuals and grammar texts, exploring the influence of religion and nationalism on the development of what he is calling "proto-prescriptivist" attitudes toward the English language. He is also teaching…Learn more »

James Watson Hammond

James Hammond’s research centers on the social and intellectual histories of writing assessment, and on educational measurement history and theory; his interests and influences include critical theory, education reform rhetoric, critical race theory, critical historiography,…Learn more »

Elizabeth Hutton

Lizzie Hutton's work focuses on the way reading is conceptualized in and for the college writing classroom, especially as relates to the reading of literature. She is interested in the reading-writing connection, the various ways that different reading approaches are tied to critical thinking…Learn more »

Benjamin Justin Keating

Ben Keating's research is driven by a focus on equity and access in higher education, which informs his work on critical discourse analysis, writing pedagogy, and high-school-to-college summer bridge programs. He is currently a Graduate Student Research Assistant at the Learn more »

Anna Victoria Knutson

Anna Knutson is in her second year as a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education, and her first year as a Graduate Student Research Assistant for the Sweetland Center for Writing. She was born and raised in Seattle, WA, where she studied English and Women Studies and worked…Learn more »

Rebecca Manery

Rebecca Manery is interested in creative writing pedagogy in higher education. She brings to her research a background as a poet, arts journalist, arts in education director, and teacher educator. Becca has taught courses in composition, literacy education and creative writing; her students are currently…Learn more »

Ryan McCarty

Ryan McCarty's research focuses on the ways that translation impacts much of the learning that students do, from its effects on multilingual students, to its role in developing disciplinary knowledges and identities. He is interested in constructing this theory of translational learning to help foreground…Learn more »

Justine Neiderhiser

Justine Neiderhiser’s research interests include rhetorical genre studies, corpus linguistics, composition theory and pedagogy, writing assessment, and the history of English. Recently, she has spent time examining the generic elements of literary anthologies, using their wide array of divergent…Learn more »

Casey Otemuyiwa

Coming from a middle school teaching background, Casey Otemuyiwa is fascinated by K-12 teacher perceptions of minority students, particularly those who are multilingual learners. Her other interests include the identity development of students from multicultural/multiracial backgrounds and teacher…Learn more »

Christopher Michael Parsons

Chris Parsons is a doctoral candidate originally (and currently) from Ann Arbor, MI. Before returning to Ann Arbor, he earned a BA in English from Carleton College and an M.Ed from UNLV and taught high school English for five years in Las Vegas (American Literature and intervention classes for emerging…Learn more »

Molly Parsons

Molly Parsons is a doctoral candidate in JPEE. Originally from Minnesota, she earned her BA in English from Carleton College, where she also worked as a writing center consultant for three years. After that, she trained with Teach for America and taught middle and high school English in Las Vegas…Learn more »

Adrienne Raw

Adrienne Raw's research interests in fan and media studies are founded in a lifelong interest and involvement in fandom and fan culture. She is also interested in corpus linguistics, adaptation theory, digital media and literacy, and the pedagogical theories and practices of teacher training.…Learn more »

Aubrey Schiavone

Aubrey Schiavone is a doctoral candidate in the Joint Program in English and Education. Her dissertation project is a qualitative interview study designed to examine potential connections between the literacies working class first-generation college students practice in first-year writing courses…Learn more »

Ruth Anna Spooner

Given her background in teaching literature and writing, as well as her experience working with deaf students, Ruth Anna Spooner is interested in exploring literacy among deaf middle- and high-school students. Her research interests include investigating how aspects of linguistics and bilingual education…Learn more »

Elizabeth Tacke

Elizabeth is interested in urban education, genre studies, autobiography, and adolescent literacy identities - particularly in regard to student literacy practices both in and outside of school.

Learn more »

Bonnie Marie Tucker

Bonnie Tucker previously taught College Composition and ESL and worked in communications at a two-year college in downtown Chicago. Her research examines the ways that the for-profit university model transforms teaching and learning in the first-year writing classroom. Additionally,…Learn more »

Joanna Want

Joanna Lin Want is a doctoral candidate in the Joint Program for English and Education, and she teaches first-year writing, argumentative writing, and creative writing in the English Department Writing Program. Her interest…Learn more »

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson spent 11 years as a high school English teacher at schools in Florida, Colorado, and California, and she completed her master's degree at Colorado State University. Committed to conducting research that will benefit high school classrooms and empower teachers, she is interested in examining…Learn more »

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