Educational Policy, Leadership, and Innovation

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Jon Margerum-Leys

Jon Margerum-Leys is a tenured professor in the Teacher Education Department at Eastern Michigan University and has served as their associate dean for budget and operations for the College of Education. He earned his PhD in educational studies in 2001. In 2002, his dissertation was recognized as the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Dissertation of the Year.

Prior to graduate studies at Michigan, Margerum-Leys was a middle school teacher in New Hampshire and a high school teacher in California. The University of Michigan School of Education’s tradition of excellence in educational research, its high profile in academe, and its commitment to financial and scholarly support of doctoral students were factors in his decision to come to Ann Arbor.

The doctoral program in Educational Policy, Leadership, and Innovation prepares aspiring educational researchers, policy makers, leaders, and reformers to take on the most formidable challenges currently facing US public education.

One such challenge is supporting teachers, leaders, schools, and systems in addressing longstanding inequities in students' educational experiences and outcomes. Another challenge is doing so in dynamic, rapidly-evolving educational, social, and political contexts in which novel approaches to school improvement are being advanced alongside innovative models for creating new schools.

Students in the Policy, Leadership, and Innovation program see this moment of educational urgency and transformation as an opportunity to become deeply engaged in creating, enacting, and studying new visions for US public schooling, and they pursue doctoral studies to develop the knowledge, capabilities, and relationships needed to do so.

Toward that end, the Policy, Leadership, and Innovation program focuses on building cultural foundations, technical capabilities, and political structures that value, support, and empower diverse students, families, and communities. Through the Policy, Leadership, and Innovation program, students will:

Graduates of the Policy, Leadership, and Innovation program seek to position themselves in (and to move among) four overlapping communities that are working actively to reform and reinvent US public education:

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