Courses & Syllabi

Subject Code Course Name
EDCURINS 382 (ENVIRON 382) Introduction to Environmental Education for Sustainable Development
EDUC 301 Directed Teaching in the Elementary Grades
EDUC 302 Directed Teaching in the Secondary School
EDUC 303 Problems and Principles of Elementary Education
EDUC 304 Problems and Principles of Secondary Education
EDUC 307 Practicum
EDUC 310 Independent Study
EDUC 311 Home, School & Community: Realities, Interventions and Policies for Young Children in Poverty
EDUC 314 Directed Teaching Seminar: Physical Education
EDUC 315 Directed Teaching in Physical Education
EDUC 317 Observation and Participation in Educational Settings
EDUC 320 Honors Independent Study
EDUC 330 Education for Empowerment Internship
EDUC 332 Coaching and Consulting for Social Change
EDUC 333 Video Games and Learning
EDUC 358 Growing Up in School - Education & Development in Cross Cultural Contexts
EDUC 360 Partners in Authentic Learning in Schools
EDUC 362 Michigan Student Caucus
EDUC 363 Educational Programs for Youth
EDUC 364 Web-Based Mentorship: ImagineNation Matters
EDUC 365 Web-Based Mentorship: International Poetry Guild
EDUC 384 Literacy Development and the Young Child
EDUC 390 (ELI 390, LING 390, RCSSCI 390) Community-Engaged Learning in ESL Teaching Contexts
EDUC 391 Educational Psychology and Human Development
EDUC 392 Educational Foundations in a Multicultural Society
EDUC 395 Principles and Practices of Teaching ESL in Migrant Communities

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