Courses & Syllabi

Subject Code Course Name
EDUC 601 (SI 549) Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology
EDUC 602 Videogames, Learning and School Design
EDUC 603 Design-Based Research for Assessing Learning Environments
EDUC 604 Curriculum Development & Evaluation
EDUC 605 Internship in Learning Technologies
EDUC 606 Developmental and Psychological Perspectives on Education
EDUC 607 Contemporary Approaches to Educational Assessment
EDUC 609 Practicum for Instructional Leadership
EDUC 611 Classroom Assessment. Seminar
EDUC 615 The Evolving Bargain Between Research Universities & Society
EDUC 621 Teaching Writing in the Elementary and Secondary Schools
EDUC 622 Proseminar in Higher Education
EDUC 626 (SI 548) Principles of Software Design for Learning
EDUC 628 (PUBPOL 628) Democracy and Education
EDUC 635 Research in the Social Studies
EDUC 636 Recent Developments in the Social Studies
EDUC 637 Practicum in Assessment
EDUC 638 Internship and Directed Field Experience
EDUC 640 Independent Study in Educational Studies
EDUC 641 History of American Education
EDUC 642 Philosophy and Politics of Education
EDUC 643 Sociology of Education
EDUC 644 Comparative and International Education
EDUC 645 Education and Cultural Studies
EDUC 646 Educational Policy Analysis
EDUC 647 (HISTORY 547) History of Mexican American Education
EDUC 649 Foundational Perspectives on Educational Reform
EDUC 650 Reflective Teaching Field Experience
EDUC 655 Directed Research in Educational Studies
EDUC 656 Critical Perspectives on The Global Role of English
EDUC 657 Practicum in Educational Studies
EDUC 658 Workshop in Educational Administration
EDUC 661 History of Postsecondary Education
EDUC 662 Learning and Development in Higher Education
EDUC 663 Organizing for Learning
EDUC 665 Foundations for Student Affairs Educators (formerly titled Managment of Student Affairs and Support Services)
EDUC 669 Institutional Advancement and Development in Higher Education
EDUC 690 Academic Affairs and Student Development in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 695 Research and Educational Practice
EDUC 696 Consultation and Collaboration for Inclusive Literacy Education
EDUC 697 (PUBPOL 695) Education Policy

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