Courses & Syllabi

Subject Code Course Name
EDUC 701 Seminar: Curriculum Issues
EDUC 702 Wolverine Pathways
EDUC 703 Historical Perspectives on Literacy Research
EDUC 704 Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy Research
EDUC 705 Evaluating Educational and Social Programs
EDUC 706 Seminar: Issues in Research on Literacy
EDUC 707 (PSYCH 707) Psychometric Theory: Classical and Latent Trait Models
EDUC 708 (PSYCH 708) Cognition and Instruction in the Classroom
EDUC 709 (PSYCH 709) Motivation in the Classroom
EDUC 710 Learning, Thinking, and Problem Solving
EDUC 711 Research in Mathematics Education
EDUC 712 / PUBPOL 712 Causal Inference in Education Policy Research: Preschool, Elementary and Secondary
EDUC 713 Topics in Science Education
EDUC 714 / PUBPOL 713 Causal Inference in Education Policy Research: Postsecondary
EDUC 715 Special Topics in Education and Psychology
EDUC 716 Education Psychology Advanced Proseminar
EDUC 717 Interdisciplinary Problem Solving
EDUC 718 Critical Race Theory in Education
EDUC 719 Pedagogies of Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and Equity
EDUC 720 (PSYCH 720) Social and Personality Psychology of Education
EDUC 721 (PSYCH 723) Human Development and Schooling
EDUC 728 Practicum in Learning Technology Design
EDUC 732 Critical Race Methodologies
EDUC 733 Reading and Writing Development of Young Children
EDUC 736 Educational Realities, Interventions, and Policies for Young Children in Poverty
EDUC 737 Topics in Educational Studies
EDUC 739 Differentiating Instruction in Reading
EDUC 740 Independent Study: Educational Foundations, Policy, and Administration
EDUC 741 Topics in History of Education
EDUC 747 Topics in Foundations and Policy
EDUC 750 Introduction to Systemic Functional Linguistics
EDUC 751 The Social Context of Schooling
EDUC 752 Organization and Governance of Education
EDUC 754 Policy, Research and Innovation in Education
EDUC 756 Independent Study: Educational Administration and Policy
EDUC 760 Access and Equity in Higher Education
EDUC 761 Postsecondary Institutions as Complex Organizations
EDUC 762 Curriculum in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 763 Financial Management and Strategy in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 764 (POLSCI 734, PUBPOL 732) Public Policy in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 765 Research Design in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 766 CPEP Research Practicum
EDUC 767 Research Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 768 Economics of Education
EDUC 769 Philanthropy and Higher Education
EDUC 770 Independent Study in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 771 Topics in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 772 Policy and Contexts of Teacher Education
EDUC 774 The Practice of Teacher Education
EDUC 775 Research on Teacher Education
EDUC 776 The Practice of Teaching
EDUC 777 Administrative Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 778 Advanced Administrative Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 780 Research on Teaching
EDUC 781 The Study of Mathematics Instruction
EDUC 782 The Study of Mathematical Thinking and Learning
EDUC 783 Mathematics Curriculum: Research and Development
EDUC 789 Research Apprenticeship
EDUC 790 Foundations of Schooling
EDUC 791 Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDUC 792 Methods in Educational Research: Qualitative
EDUC 793 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Educational Research
EDUC 794 Quantitative Methods for Causal Analysis in Education
EDUC 795 Quantitative Methods for Non-Experimental Research
EDUC 798 Teaching Apprenticeship
EDUC 799 Categorical and Limited Dependent Variable Modeling

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