Courses & Syllabi

Subject Code Course Name
EDCURINS 575 (SI 641) Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning
EDUC 500 Foundations of Literacy
EDUC 501 Literacy Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Primary / Elementary
EDUC 503 Media Literacies
EDUC 504 Teaching with Technology
EDUC 505 Literacy Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment: Middle / Secondary
EDUC 510 Teaching and Learning
EDUC 511 Records of Practice I
EDUC 512 Records of Practice II
EDUC 516 Theory and Practice in Early Childhood Education
EDUC 517 Early Childhood Education: Policy Issues
EDUC 518 Workshop on Teaching Mathematics
EDUC 524 Inquiry on Education Issues
EDUC 525 Language and Learning in Home and School Settings
EDUC 526 Language Analysis for Second Language Teaching and Learning
EDUC 528 Workshop on the Teaching of Science
EDUC 540 Trauma Basics
EDUC 541 Trauma Practice
EDUC 542 Creating and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Systems
EDUC 547 Current Issues in Educational Studies
EDUC 551 School Organization and the Policy Environment
EDUC 552 Instructional Leadership in Schools
EDUC 553 Administrative Leadership in Schools
EDUC 554 Chemistry Education Research and Practice
EDUC 555 Financial and Legal Policies for Schools
EDUC 560 Everyday Equitable Practices
EDUC 561 Introduction to Higher Education
EDUC 563 The Community College
EDUC 570 Professional Development Seminar in Education
EDUC 571 Professional Development Seminar in Teacher Education
EDUC 579 Second Language Learning
EDUC 580 (ARCH 609, ENGLISH 528, KINESLGY 505, PMR 580, RACKHAM 580, SOC 580, SW 572, WOMENSTD 590) Topics in Disability Studies
EDUC 581 (NRE 581) Advanced Environmental Education: Research, Practice and Professional Skills
EDUC 582 Directed Study in Education
EDUC 583 Advanced Education Technology Class
EDUC 590 English as a Second Language Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDUC 591 Learning about How People Learn
EDUC 592 Methods for Teaching Language and Literacy to K-12 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
EDUC 593 (ELI 593) Educational Linguistics
EDUC 594 Education in a Multilingual Society
EDUC 595 Leadership and Advocacy Practices for Teachers of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

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