Courses & Syllabi

Subject Code Course Name
EDBEHAVR 800 (PSYCH 861) Proseminar in Education and Psychology
EDBEHAVR 801 (PSYCH 862) Proseminar in Education and Psychology
EDUC 803 (PSYCH 804) Structural Equation Model (SEM)
EDUC 809 Curriculum Theory and Practice
EDUC 817 (STATS 817, SOC 810, PSYCH 817) Interdisciplinary Seminar in Quantitative Social Science Methodology
EDUC 820 Causal Inference in Education Research
EDUC 830 Historical and Philosophical Roots of Science Education
EDUC 831 Theory and Research on Learning and Instruction in Science
EDUC 832 Theory and Research on the Development of Expertise in Science Teaching
EDUC 834 Designing Science Learning Environments
EDUC 835 Independent Study
EDUC 841 Advanced Studies in History and Sociology of Education
EDUC 863 Planning, Analysis, and Institutional Research
EDUC 864 American College Students
EDUC 865 Evaluation and Assessment in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 867 Seminar in Organization Theory
EDUC 868 Philosophy of Academic Leadership
EDUC 869 The Scholarship of Academic Contexts and Success
EDUC 870 International and Comparative Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 873 Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Higher Education
EDUC 874 Law and Higher Education
EDUC 881 Public Policy Research and Analysis in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 890 (SURVMETH 790) Multi-level Analysis of Survey Data
EDUC 891 Qualitative Methods Workshop
EDUC 895 The Logic of Inquiry
EDUC 898 Professional Development Seminar
EDUC 899 PhD Qualifying Paper (QP)

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