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EDUC 582. Directed Study in Education

Credits: 3 Credits

Now that you are completing your master's program, you may have identified a project you would like to pursue. You may have a topic you would like to explore further, experiences from your internship that you would like to write about, a course paper that you would like to revise and publish, or ideas for a curriculum that you wish to develop. This directed study course is designed to support you to accomplish these goals.

This class will provide an opportunity for participants to undertake a self-selected project in consultation with the course instructor and their class colleagues. Each participant will complete a significant project, such as a substantial research paper on a topic or question of interest, a research proposal, an assessment, a publication, a workshop, or an instructional unit. The project should serve as an opportunity to synthesize learning across the master’s program and to develop an artifact for a professional or academic portfolio. Each week, participants will meet as a group and individually with the course instructor to make progress toward completion. This course is open only to master’s students in the School of Education. To be considered for the class, please submit a brief description of the project you would like to undertake to Gina Cervetti.

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Fall 2019 Gina N. Cervetti
EDUC 582.

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