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EDUC 890 (SURVMETH 790). Multi-level Analysis of Survey Data

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: EDUC 795 or other regression-based course.

The major phenomenon of interest in educational research is the learning of individual students. Because learning (a) implies change over time, and (b) occurs in organizational settings, two troublesome methodological problems persist in the social sciences: how to measure change and how to accommodate the grouped nature of the phenomenon (also referred to as the unit of analysis problem). In a sense, the problems share a common cause, since traditional statistical techniques are inadequate to model the hierarchical nature of both phenomena. This advanced course in quantitative methods introduces students to the analytic situations in which multilevel methods are ideal, trains students in the use of the statistical program Hierarchical Linear Models (HLM), and provides experience in multilevel analysis. Students must possess skill in multivariate data analysis through regression.

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