Courses & Syllabi

EDUC 737. Topics in Educational Studies

Credits: 1-4

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Explores new topics in educational studies based on the interests of faculty and students. Topics change each term. Consult the program office for the current list of offerings.

Terms Faculty Syllabus
Winter 2013
EDUC 737. Talking about Teaching (TAT) with Teachers

Winter 2014 Matthew Ronfeldt
EDUC 737. The Study and Practice of Field Instruction

Fall 2014 EDUC 737. Youth Development Programs

Winter 2014 Matthew Diemer
EDUC 737.

Winter 2014 Matthew Diemer
EDUC 737.

Fall 2015 Mary J. Schleppegrell
EDUC 737. Introduction to Discourse Analysis

Fall 2016 Chauncey B. Monte-Sano
EDUC 737. Research on Social Studies Teaching and Learning

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