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EDUC 611. Classroom Assessment. Seminar

Credits: 3

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Teachers use informal and formal assessments on an ongoing basis to make decisions about their students, evaluate the success of their instruction, and to monitor classroom climate. The typical teacher spends about a third of his/her professional time engaged in assessment-related activities. Because classroom-based assessment is so critical to the instructional process, learning about assessment is essential to learning about teaching.

In this course, you will develop and evaluate formative and summative assessments of simple and complex student knowledge, beliefs, and/or attitudes associated with classroom activities associated with a subject-matter domain and a particular target audience. You will learn how to design assessments that are carefully aligned with educational objectives. This course will also include hands on activities to guide the creation, revision and use of quality assessment rubrics and coding schemes that work with the assessments of your design.

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Winter 2014 Kendra Hearn
EDUC 611. Classroom Assessment

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