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EDUC 462 (MENAS 462). Web-Based Mentorship: Place Out of Time

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

Students serve as teaching mentors for a web-based character-playing simulation involving high school and middle school students on a worldwide network, and they themselves also research and portray historical figures. The Place Out Of Time simulated trial is different every term, but mentors and students are always presented with a contemporary problem that they must think through in the role of their characters, one that frames an array of social, political, cultural and moral questions. Mentors are active participants in a dynamic, writing-intensive enterprise that is aimed at enlivening the study of history through juxtaposing historical perspectives and sensibilities. The course employs purposeful "play" to frame a hands-on teaching experience that is supported by extensive in-class and written reflective work. (Meets together with MENAS 591-002)

Terms Faculty Syllabus
Winter 2010 Jeff Stanzler
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462). Place out of Time Mentor Seminar

Fall 2010 Jeff Stanzler
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462). Arab-Israeli Conflict (AIC) Simulation Mentor Seminar

Winter 2014 Jeff Stanzler
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462).

Fall 2016
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462).

Fall 2018 Jeff Stanzler
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462).

Winter 2018 Jeff Stanzler
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462). Place Out of Time Mentor Seminar

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