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EDUC 426. Intro to A2LP II. Seminar

Credits: 3

This is the second semester A2LP course and is the second half of a year-long experience. The purpose of this course is to extend the initial learning that was established in EDUC 425: to build a community of practice and help students develop the necessary building blocks for successful elementary Spanish instruction. The A2LP seminar presents pedagogy and methodology around language and prepares the students to implement pre-designed lesson plans. The seminar is designed to help students understand basic professional practices that enable them to manage problems inherent to the interpersonal and relational nature of the work of teaching. The goal of learning in seminar is to help students to be proactive in behavior management, building relationships with students, and responsiveness to student learning. Across each semester they will learn to construct a "teacher persona" by developing and practicing ways of acting and speaking imperative for effective teaching. They will learn to improve engagement, monitor small group and whole class work, manage their physical presence in the classroom, and develop hands-on strategies for Spanish instruction.

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