Courses & Syllabi

Subject Code Course Name
EDBEHAVR 800 (PSYCH 861) Proseminar in Education and Psychology
EDBEHAVR 801 (PSYCH 862) Proseminar in Education and Psychology
EDCURINS 382 (ENVIRON 382) Introduction to Environmental Education for Sustainable Development
EDCURINS 444 (KINESLGY 444, PHYSED 444) Methods of Teaching Physical Education 6-12
EDCURINS 455 (ROMLING 413, SPANISH 413) Teaching Spanish / Applications of Linguistics
EDCURINS 575 (SI 641) Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning
EDUC 118 Introduction to Education: Schooling and Multicultural Society
EDUC 119 Education Policy in a Multicultural Society
EDUC 120 Children Learning in Mathematics and Beyond (CLiMB)
EDUC 200 Learning for Social Change
EDUC 210 Mathematics and Social Justice
EDUC 211 Introduction to Educational Policy, Inquiry and Advocacy
EDUC 212 The History of College Athletics
EDUC 218 Homelessness in Schools and Society: Engaged Practice in School Serving Organizations
EDUC 220 Coaching for Today's Society
EDUC 240 Coaching as Leading and Leading as Coaching
EDUC 250 Growing Up in School – Education and Development from a Global Perspective
EDUC 260 Tutoring Literacy and Language in the Elementary Grades
EDUC 301 Directed Teaching in the Elementary Grades
EDUC 302 Directed Teaching in the Secondary School
EDUC 303 Problems and Principles of Elementary Education
EDUC 304 Problems and Principles of Secondary Education
EDUC 307 Practicum
EDUC 310 Independent Study
EDUC 311 Home, School & Community: Realities, Interventions and Policies for Young Children in Poverty
EDUC 314 Directed Teaching Seminar: Physical Education
EDUC 315 Directed Teaching in Physical Education
EDUC 317 Observation and Participation in Educational Settings
EDUC 320 Honors Independent Study
EDUC 333 Video Games and Learning
EDUC 358 Growing Up in School - Education & Development in Cross Cultural Contexts
EDUC 360 Partners in Authentic Learning in Schools
EDUC 362 Michigan Student Caucus
EDUC 364 Web-Based Mentorship: ImagineNation Matters
EDUC 365 Web-Based Mentorship: International Poetry Guild
EDUC 384 Literacy Development and the Young Child
EDUC 390 (ELI 390, LING 390, RCSSCI 390) Community-Engaged Learning in ESL Teaching Contexts
EDUC 391 Educational Psychology and Human Development
EDUC 392 Educational Foundations in a Multicultural Society
EDUC 393 Mexican Americans and Education
EDUC 401 Developmental Reading and Writing Instruction in the Elementary School
EDUC 402 Reading and Writing in Content Areas
EDUC 403 Individualizing Reading and Writing Instruction in the Elementary Classroom
EDUC 404 Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language
EDUC 406 Teaching in the Elementary School
EDUC 408 Literacy Teaching and Learning: An Integrated Language Arts Perspective
EDUC 411 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
EDUC 412 Mathematics Instruction in the Middle School
EDUC 413 Teaching Secondary School Mathematics
EDUC 414 Managing to Teach
EDUC 415 Children as Sensemakers
EDUC 416 Teaching with Curriculum Materials
EDUC 419 Teaching Methods for World Language Minors
EDUC 420 Teaching World Languages in the Secondary School
EDUC 421 Teaching of Science in the Elementary School
EDUC 422 Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools
EDUC 425 Intro to A2LP I. Seminar
EDUC 426 Intro to A2LP II. Seminar
EDUC 427 Elementary School Art
EDUC 428 Intro to A2LP II Spanish
EDUC 429 A2LP Leadership Development. Lab
EDUC 431 Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary School
EDUC 432 Teaching of Social Studies in the Secondary School
EDUC 438 Disciplinary Foundations for Teaching Social Studies
EDUC 440 Teaching of English
EDUC 443 Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in the General Education Elementary Classroom
EDUC 444 Teaching with Digital Technologies K-8
EDUC 445 Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in the General Education Middle and High School Classroom
EDUC 446 Teaching with Digital Technologies 6-12
EDUC 450 Education, Peace, and Conflict
EDUC 460 Equity in Everyday Practices
EDUC 461 (MENAS 461) Web-Based Mentorship: Earth Odysseys
EDUC 462 (MENAS 462) Web-Based Mentorship: Place Out of Time
EDUC 463 (MENAS 463) Web-Based Mentorship: Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation
EDUC 470 Independent Study in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 471 Topics in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 490 Topics in Professional Education
EDUC 500 Foundations of Literacy
EDUC 501 Literacy Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Primary / Elementary
EDUC 503 Media Literacies
EDUC 504 Teaching with Technology
EDUC 505 Literacy Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment: Middle / Secondary
EDUC 510 Teaching and Learning
EDUC 511 Records of Practice I
EDUC 512 Records of Practice II
EDUC 516 Theory and Practice in Early Childhood Education
EDUC 517 Early Childhood Education: Policy Issues
EDUC 518 Workshop on Teaching Mathematics
EDUC 524 Inquiry on Education Issues
EDUC 525 Language and Learning in Home and School Settings
EDUC 526 Language Analysis for Second Language Teaching and Learning
EDUC 528 Workshop on the Teaching of Science
EDUC 547 Current Issues in Educational Studies
EDUC 551 School Organization and the Policy Environment
EDUC 552 Instructional Leadership in Schools
EDUC 553 Administrative Leadership in Schools
EDUC 555 Financial and Legal Policies for Schools
EDUC 561 Introduction to Higher Education
EDUC 563 The Community College
EDUC 570 Professional Development Seminar in Education
EDUC 571 Professional Development Seminar in Teacher Education
EDUC 579 Second Language Learning
EDUC 580 (ARCH 609, ENGLISH 528, KINESLGY 505, PMR 580, RACKHAM 580, SOC 580, SW 572, WOMENSTD 590) Topics in Disability Studies
EDUC 581 (NRE 581) Advanced Environmental Education: Research, Practice and Professional Skills
EDUC 582 Directed Study in Education
EDUC 590 English as a Second Language Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDUC 591 Learning about How People Learn
EDUC 592 Methods for Teaching Language and Literacy to K-12 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
EDUC 593 (ELI 593) Educational Linguistics
EDUC 594 Education in a Multilingual Society
EDUC 595 Leadership and Advocacy Practices for Teachers of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
EDUC 601 (SI 549) Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology
EDUC 602 Videogames, Learning and School Design
EDUC 603 Design-Based Research for Assessing Learning Environments
EDUC 604 Curriculum Development & Evaluation
EDUC 605 Internship in Learning Technologies
EDUC 606 Developmental and Psychological Perspectives on Education
EDUC 607 Contemporary Approaches to Educational Assessment
EDUC 609 Practicum for Instructional Leadership
EDUC 611 Classroom Assessment. Seminar
EDUC 615 The Evolving Bargain Between Research Universities & Society
EDUC 621 Teaching Writing in the Elementary and Secondary Schools
EDUC 622 Proseminar in Higher Education
EDUC 626 (SI 548) Principles of Software Design for Learning
EDUC 628 (PUBPOL 628) Democracy and Education
EDUC 635 Research in the Social Studies
EDUC 636 Recent Developments in the Social Studies
EDUC 637 Practicum in Assessment
EDUC 638 Internship and Directed Field Experience
EDUC 640 Independent Study in Educational Studies
EDUC 641 History of American Education
EDUC 642 Philosophy and Politics of Education
EDUC 643 Sociology of Education
EDUC 644 Comparative and International Education
EDUC 645 Education and Cultural Studies
EDUC 646 Educational Policy Analysis
EDUC 647 (HISTORY 547) History of Mexican American Education
EDUC 649 Foundational Perspectives on Educational Reform
EDUC 650 Reflective Teaching Field Experience
EDUC 655 Directed Research in Educational Studies
EDUC 656 Critical Perspectives on The Global Role of English
EDUC 657 Practicum in Educational Studies
EDUC 658 Workshop in Educational Administration
EDUC 661 History of Postsecondary Education
EDUC 662 Learning and Development in Higher Education
EDUC 663 Organizing for Learning
EDUC 665 Foundations for Student Affairs Educators (formerly titled Managment of Student Affairs and Support Services)
EDUC 669 Institutional Advancement and Development in Higher Education
EDUC 690 Academic Affairs and Student Development in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 695 Research and Educational Practice
EDUC 696 Consultation and Collaboration for Inclusive Literacy Education
EDUC 697 (PUBPOL 695) Education Policy
EDUC 701 Seminar: Curriculum Issues
EDUC 703 Historical Perspectives on Literacy Research
EDUC 704 Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy Research
EDUC 705 Evaluating Educational and Social Programs
EDUC 706 Seminar: Issues in Research on Literacy
EDUC 707 (PSYCH 707) Psychometric Theory: Classical and Latent Trait Models
EDUC 708 (PSYCH 708) Cognition and Instruction in the Classroom
EDUC 709 (PSYCH 709) Motivation in the Classroom
EDUC 710 Learning, Thinking, and Problem Solving
EDUC 711 Research in Mathematics Education
EDUC 712 / PUBPOL 712 Causal Inference in Education Policy Research: Preschool, Elementary and Secondary
EDUC 713 Topics in Science Education
EDUC 714 / PUBPOL 713 Causal Inference in Education Policy Research: Postsecondary
EDUC 715 Special Topics in Education and Psychology
EDUC 716 Education Psychology Advanced Proseminar
EDUC 717 Interdisciplinary Problem Solving
EDUC 718 Critical Race Theory in Education
EDUC 719 Pedagogies of Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and Equity
EDUC 720 (PSYCH 720) Social and Personality Psychology of Education
EDUC 721 (PSYCH 723) Human Development and Schooling
EDUC 728 Practicum in Learning Technology Design
EDUC 732 Critical Race Methodologies
EDUC 733 Reading and Writing Development of Young Children
EDUC 736 Educational Realities, Interventions, and Policies for Young Children in Poverty
EDUC 737 Topics in Educational Studies
EDUC 739 Differentiating Instruction in Reading
EDUC 740 Independent Study: Educational Foundations, Policy, and Administration
EDUC 741 Topics in History of Education
EDUC 747 Topics in Foundations and Policy
EDUC 751 The Social Context of Schooling
EDUC 752 Organization and Governance of Education
EDUC 754 Policy, Research and Innovation in Education
EDUC 756 Independent Study: Educational Administration and Policy
EDUC 760 Access and Equity in Higher Education
EDUC 761 Postsecondary Institutions as Complex Organizations
EDUC 762 Curriculum in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 763 Financial Management and Strategy in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 764 (POLSCI 734, PUBPOL 732) Public Policy in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 765 Research Design in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 766 CPEP Research Practicum
EDUC 767 Research Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 768 Economics of Education
EDUC 769 Philanthropy and Higher Education
EDUC 770 Independent Study in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 771 Topics in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 772 Policy and Contexts of Teacher Education
EDUC 774 The Practice of Teacher Education
EDUC 775 Research on Teacher Education
EDUC 776 The Practice of Teaching
EDUC 777 Administrative Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 778 Advanced Administrative Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 780 Research on Teaching
EDUC 781 The Study of Mathematics Instruction
EDUC 782 The Study of Mathematical Thinking and Learning
EDUC 783 Mathematics Curriculum: Research and Development
EDUC 789 Research Apprenticeship
EDUC 790 Foundations of Schooling
EDUC 791 Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDUC 792 Methods in Educational Research: Qualitative
EDUC 793 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Educational Research
EDUC 794 Quantitative Methods for Causal Analysis in Education
EDUC 795 Quantitative Methods for Non-Experimental Research
EDUC 798 Teaching Apprenticeship
EDUC 799 Categorical and Limited Dependent Variable Modeling
EDUC 803 (PSYCH 804) Structural Equation Model (SEM)
EDUC 809 Curriculum Theory and Practice
EDUC 817 (STATS 817, SOC 810, PSYCH 817) Interdisciplinary Seminar in Quantitative Social Science Methodology
EDUC 820 Causal Inference in Education Research
EDUC 830 Historical and Philosophical Roots of Science Education
EDUC 831 Theory and Research on Learning and Instruction in Science
EDUC 832 Theory and Research on the Development of Expertise in Science Teaching
EDUC 834 Designing Science Learning Environments
EDUC 835 Independent Study
EDUC 841 Advanced Studies in History and Sociology of Education
EDUC 863 Planning, Analysis, and Institutional Research
EDUC 864 American College Students
EDUC 865 Evaluation and Assessment in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 867 Seminar in Organization Theory
EDUC 868 Philosophy of Academic Leadership
EDUC 869 The Scholarship of Academic Contexts and Success
EDUC 870 International and Comparative Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 873 Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Higher Education
EDUC 874 Law and Higher Education
EDUC 881 Public Policy Research and Analysis in Postsecondary Education
EDUC 890 (SURVMETH 790) Multi-level Analysis of Survey Data
EDUC 891 Qualitative Methods Workshop
EDUC 895 The Logic of Inquiry
EDUC 898 Professional Development Seminar
EDUC 899 PhD Qualifying Paper (QP)
EDUC 965 Dissertation Research Seminar in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 990 Dissertation, Precandidacy
EDUC 991 Prelims Part A
EDUC 992 Prelims Part B
EDUC 995 Dissertation, Candidacy

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