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Elizabeth (Liz) Conrad

"I had teachers that really influenced me positively and I wanted to do the same for other students," says Conrad. "The teachers I’ve had have been role models when it comes to school, both academically and when it comes to coaching. They’ve been like second parents for me."

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Numerous  studies have shown that the quality of the teacher in a classroom has a tremendous effect on the students who are being taught. We prepare prospective elementary and secondary schoolteachers to be the superior teachers who make lasting impressions in the lives of young students.

We offer bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. Upon completion of the degree, qualified students are recommended to the Michigan Department of Education for provisional teacher certification.

The State of Michigan requires that all teacher candidates have a teaching major in order to be recommended for teacher certification. The State of Michigan certifies most fields at either the elementary (grades K-8) or secondary (grades 6-12) level, thus most students are considered either elementary or secondary teacher candidates. There is an exception, however: certification in music education is granted for grades K-12.

Our bachelor's programs begin in the third year (commonly known as the junior year). Because we do not fully admit students as first-year students (freshmen), all of our undergraduate students are technically transfer students. Most transfer from within the University of Michigan, although others transfer from external colleges.

We do accept first-year students in a Preferred Admissions program.   These students complete their first two years at another of the university's schools (usually the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts) while receiving advising from the School of Education, before transferring to our program at the beginning of the junior year. Other University of Michigan students apply to the School of Education during their first two years and formally transfer as juniors. 

If you're a student here at the university in another unit, such as the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, we have options that allow you to remain in that unit while completing coursework here, at the School of Education. In addition to your bachelor's degree, you will earn a recommendation for a Michigan provisional teaching certificate. However, if it's musical or physical education that interests you, then you must remain with your home unit (the schools of Music, Theatre, and Dance or Kinesiology).

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