Secondary Teacher Education

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Taylor Casarez, Student

Taylor Casarez


There are a lot of amazing opportunities and good resources here, says Taylor. "And it's still possible to not get lost. "A lot of people worry that with a big university, they'll get lost in the shuffle. But not here—If I go into the teacher ed office, they know who I am—they say ‘Hey Taylor, who do you want to see?' The school has a small community,but huge resources through the university. It's small when it ought to be small and it's big when it needs to be big."

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This is an intense three-term program, structured so that you can participate in both academic and professional coursework while working in a secondary classroom. Your experiences within each term are complementary; the work in one school setting or in one course complements the work in another school setting or course. Your knowledge and confidence will grow in successive terms, as coursework and fieldwork build upon and expand what you have already learned. The undergraduate secondary teacher education program prepares you to teach in grade 6 through 12 classrooms. The content you are prepared to teach varies depending on the teaching major(s) and, if relevant, teaching minor(s) you complete.

Students typically begin the program during their junior year.

With successful completion of the program, you'll be recommended to the State of Michigan for secondary teacher certification. If you elect to complete your teacher certification program as a student in the School of Education, you will also earn a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree in education.